Yacht Watch Program

PEACE OF MIND!  The primary purpose of a yacht watch service is to inspect the vessel on behalf of its absentee owner; looking for existing problems or any issues that could become problems if not addressed promptly.
When you sign up for our yacht watch service, we will visit your vessel and perform a very thorough inspection of the exterior (above waterline) and interior. Our Harmony Marine Center staff will cover numerous exterior structural conditions; on deck conditions; interior/accommodations conditions; galley and head fixtures and appliances; and mechanical, energy systems as well as dockline check and management.
In addition, we offer hurricane preparation as well as discounts on labor rates.
Every month, a completed checklist is emailed to you along with any photos of conditions deemed problematic or noteworthy. You are notified immediately by phone if a serious problem is found and/or an immediate repair is required.

FOR MORE INFORMATION please call Harmony Marine Services at 305.393.9869 to schedule an appointment.