Over the years, there have been many good charter companies.  Companies that offer excellent vessels at an affordable rate and are well verse at showing you the "ropes" and sending you on your way.  At Harmony Yacht Vacations, we blend over 10 years in the international group travel experience with the charter world to create experiences that go beyond just renting a piece of fiberglass that floats in the ocean.

Our Charter Concierge service, begins the moment you contact us and ends only once you return home.

From the very start, our office and captains will find out exactly what your expectations are for your vacation.  We'll help you plan your experiences so that you can maximize your fun and minimize planning time while here.  Whether it's to explore Hemingway's Havana, swim with the pigs in the Exumas or be enchanted by the awe of Key West's sunset we'll be there to help every step of the way.

Harmony Yacht Vacations is known for it's high standard in vessel management.  The owners of our vessels are our lifeblood and as such, it has been our privilege to keep up our vessels like they were our own.  Each vessel goes through an extensive check-in and check-out procedure that allows us to monitor and repair any issue before it becomes as issue.  In addition, each vessel goes through almost 8 hours of deep cleaning after each and every charter.

Full and consistent communication from our Charter Concierge to you the client is key.  Our goal is to keep you fully informed BEFORE you even need to know particular items concerning your charter.  Especially when it comes to our charters to Cuba, we make sure that every document is done well ahead of time and that you have nothing to worry about except getting to our base.

Our staff are here because they want to be here!  They love what they do and they love to be a help in making the time that you are with us the most enjoyable and relaxing there is.  We will go out of our way to make sure that every need is taken care of, if you have a special moment, we can help with that too!

No salty dogs here.  Our captains and check-out staff know each of our vessels inside and out and can brief you on every system and get you on your way.  In addition, your check-out briefing with be enhanced by local knowledge with a desire to develop a individual float plan exact to your expectations.

For those of you taking advantage of our Cuba experiences, we have some of the most amazing local Cuban guides around.  In many cases, these guides have been working for Harmony Yacht Vacations for years.  Pursuant to the United States OFAC regulations, you will have opportunity to interact with the Cuban people in many ways including local music, art and dance.  Our guides will meet you at the boat when it arrives and plan your specific trip out in greater detail taking you and bringing you back right to the boat!

Our goal is simple: